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At Waving Fish, we specialize in growing and propagating Cynthiana grapevines, the Official Grape of the State of Arkansas.  Cynthiana, the only true winegrape that is native to the United States, originated in Arkansas.  Most winegrapes varieties—those that

are familiar to most – are vitis vinifera, a European variety.  Cynthiana, while sharing many of the qualities of v. vinifera, is vitis aestivalis.  Many wine drinkers agree that wine made from Cynthiana is comparable to Zinfandel.


A feature of Cynthiana that often takes a back seat to its value as a winegrape is that it also makes an outstanding non-alcoholic grape juice.  Most Americans are only familiar with Concord grape juice, which is widely available.  However, those who have tried Cynthiana grape juice have commented that it has a sweeter, fruitier flavor than Concord.


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Cynthiana Grapevine Cuttings!

Propagate your own grapevines.


NOTE:  Propagating Cynthiana from dormant cuttings is difficult, but it can be done!  Expect up to a 30-35% success rate.  Rise to the challenge and give it a go! 


Download propagation instructions for success here!


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Cynthiana - America’s Only True Native Wine Grape

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